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After 24 hours of Launching Flexi Africa, 3500 businesses in Zambia & Tanzania register in a early mark of success

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Flexi Africa is positioned to help Africans buy from other Africans & sell to other Africans. Flexi Africa is an e-commerce platform that is a response to the growing interest in products from Africa internationally. Retail stores and manufacturers of African products can create an online store on the platform and can successfully sell their products globally. This means that each seller can create their platform by shortlisting the product they want to sell online. Then the seller will have to list their product by uploading images from different angles, specifying the dimensions of the product, writing a description of the same. Another unique feature of Flexi Africa is that the store where a seller will sell their products will be fully customisable.

Speaking to Nass Aoun, Founder and CEO of the company during one of our podcast sessions. Nass explained that Flexi Africa was originally founded to bridge the gap between African companies, individual sellers and global buyers. For foreigners, cultural art and clothing from Africa can be so much more interesting than for locals. In addition, Africa's consumer class is growing exponentially, which would contribute to the region's macroeconomics.

Nass Aoun is the operations expert behind Flexi Africa, making sure all the wheels and gears turn correctly and on time. Nass graduated from Macquarie University with a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Master of Management from Western Sydney University. He brings the most up-to-date and recent business operations tactics to the table. A strong executive with a clear and direct communication style, Nass is the team stabilizing element. Any good company need to experience explosive growth, but if a firm in any industry grows too fast, it can collapse under its success. Therefore, Nass is here to make sure the operational timing of all growth is right by staying in constant communication with all stakeholders, around the clock, in different parts of the world. Nass speaks Arabic, Mandarin and English and uses his linguistic talents in service of Flexi Africa's growth.

For example, they can create/upload their business logo, choose the colour of their stores and also they can upload their portfolio. They can also advertise the platform by intimating their regular customers, this will generate more business for them as more buyers will come to their platform.

Flexi Africa is a platform that wants to bridge the gap between African businesses, individual sellers and global buyers. Additionally, a consumer class is also emerging in Africa and is expected to keep booming. Africa has around 90 million people with household incomes exceeding $5,000, meaning that they can direct more than half of their income towards discretionary spending rather than necessities.

During the presidency of the United States Barack Obama's visit to Africa in July 2013, he announced a US$7 billion plan to further develop infrastructure and work more intensively with African heads of state. Obama also unveiled a new program named Trade Africa, designed to boost trade within the continent as well as between Africa and the U.S.

In other words, Flexi Africa is a framework to put African companies in the limelight of the world. This is achieved through the comprehensive marketing trend that startup implements and this idea have already been applied in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe, often regarded as one of the continent's most dazzling economic scenes, serves as the entry point for Flexi Africa. Nevertheless, the country's e-commerce sector has more than doubled in the last four years and Flexi Africa wants to be at the epicentre of this growth. With billions of dollars in GDP and $ 16.29 billion in GDP, Zimbabwe has great potential for Flexi Africa to reach other countries both in Africa and globally.

However, Nass Aoun expresses that he is going to launch in Zambia in the early stages of next year. He has already started to register Zambian businesses onto the platform. Furthermore, Nass commented "Flexi Africa has been built on the pillars of hard work, honesty and trust. The company believes that these are the essential characteristics needed to move forward in the dynamic and highly competitive market of the continent".

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