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DHL Sales Executive, eCommerce Champion Challenge Nyakuritsika talks at seminar

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Being a start-up founder is a lot like being a pilot on an international flight. You go very high, very fast, and travel very far in a short period of time in what some might consider rather an unstable machinery. You are the leader and people rely on you for vision, but it’s also true that you really have no idea where the journey will take you or who you are going to meet along with way.

Flexi Africa has set a course to greatness, but like any enterprise destined to do amazing things, we did not get to where we are on our own.

The fact of the matter is that we could even have thought about launching had it not been for our good friends and amazing corporate partnerships at DHL. Challenge Nyakuritsika, one of DHL’s finest sales executives, and the exec in charge of leading the team that opened over 100 DHL retail outlets throughout Zimbabwe had our backs from Day 1. Challenge Nyakuritsika insights into sales and marketing as well as his collaborative team spirit was a key ingredient to our success yesterday at our Vendor Summit in Harare.

Challenge Nyakuritsika saw the potential in Flexi Africa to not only earn massive revenues but also, and of equal importance, to be a massive force for societal change and transformation. Challenge Nyakuritsika is a business leader with vision who is not afraid to roll up his sleeves and do the heavy lifting needed to get a start-up off the ground. Challenge Nyakuritsika gave us his blessing and with that came an entire partnership with DHL, guaranteeing safe shipping and delivery for our retail goods.

Nass and the rest of the team were all in awe when we learned that Challenge Nyakuritsika was going to publicly endorse our efforts! It is honestly a dream come true to be working with such a successful marketer and sales pro.


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