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Flexi Africa is a boundary-breaking new ecommerce platform designed specifically for African vendors

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Flexi Africa is the solution to Africa's eCommerce drought. With a pan-African catchment area, we are positioned to help Africans buy from other Africans, sell to other Africans, and sell their wares to global markets with the click of a button.

Flexi Africa is founded on the notion that massive economic growth is possible for anyone, anywhere via retail e-commerce. Our guiding principles are uniting cultures and creating harmony through a state-of-the-art e-commerce platform the likes of which the African continent has ever seen.

Our mission is to be Africa's most citizen-centric company. We want African retailers to sell their goods on their site at reasonable prices while we re-invest some of our profits into a massive economic empowerment initiative for the whole African continent. Flexi Africa is a global company and is open to partnerships with retailers from the entire world, but our heart and soul is 100% African.

Our actions, goals, projects, programs, and inventions begin and end with not only the customer’s needs in mind and our bottom line of our retailers, but we are always asking ourselves “How can we better serve the communities in which our retailers sell their goods? A popular saying at Flexi Africa is “Kukura & Kubatana” which means “Unity & Growth” in the Shona language.

Only by standing as one will we harness the immense growth power of the African e-commerce marketplace and usher in a new age of prosperity and stability for our citizens.

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