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Nass Aoun goes live with Andy Hodges the Head of Business/Anchor/Producer at Zimpapers TV Network

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I just came off what feels like our 10th media appearance of this trip to Zimbabwe. We had the honor of being hosted by Andy Hodges, host of the segment “Business Unusual” on ZiFM, Zimbabwe’s first-ever private radio station. Andy sure knows his stuff when it comes to trends in business, futures to watch, and also is not afraid to ask the hard questions. We were challenged by a conversation that, at time, questioned the very notion of e-commerce in Flexi Africa, and rightly so. It is a new concept for the continent, but after about 30 minutes of rousing conversation with Andy, he was able to help us to better understand the needs of Africans vis-a-vie e-commerce and also, we were able to learn of what some people’s potential objections to an e-commerce site could be. We would like to extend my sincere thanks to Andy and the team at ZiFM that so generously shared their time, knowledge, and business expertise with us. Flexi Africa is not trying to be “right” about bringing e-commerce to Africa. Our aim is to “educated as we earn”. Knowledge of e-commerce = FOREX for the Continent and your authentic African goods being sold to the world. 



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