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The Double B Podcast #15 Nass Aoun

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Nass Aoun appeared in a 45 minute podcast discussion about Flexi Africa, my background & why I started the company.
Thank you The Double B podcast for inviting me for this wonderful discussion and for the cigar.
Click here to view the podcast:
Flexi Africa is a boundary-breaking new ecommerce platform designed specifically for African vendors. It was built to help this underserved population take advantage of the growing market for digital sales and shipping-based fulfillment.
At the same time, it offers the world a consolidated online African marketplace. Built specifically with small-footprint, tech-unsavvy local businesses in mind, our platform provides the ideal brokerage solution for the 437.5 million internet users across the African continent.
Flexi Africa is the solution to Africa's eCommerce drought. With a pan-African catchment area, we are positioned to help Africans buy from other Africans, sell to other Africans, and sell their wares to global markets.

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