Vintage African Hand Carved Black Hardwood Charging Elephant Figurine/Statue


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DESCRIPTION: Beautiful Vintage African Charging Elephant Hand Carved Black Hard Wood Figurine / Statue. With a great aged patina. Lots of textural appeal. See the photos.

MARKINGS: Unsigned and Unmarked.

AGE: Circa Late 1900s.

ORIGIN: Kenya, Africa.

DIMENSIONS: Approx. 7.5” Long X 4.5” Tall to the top of the trunk


This vintage African hand-carved black hardwood charging elephant figurine/statue is a beautiful piece of art that showcases the craftsmanship of African artisans. Measuring approximately 8 inches in height and 9 inches in length, this unique piece features intricate details such as the elephant's textured skin, sharp tusks, and powerful trunk.


The black hardwood material gives this figurine a stunning and elegant appearance, and its weighty feel adds to its durability and authenticity. Its charging pose makes it a dynamic and eye-catching piece that will surely add character and charm to any room.


Whether you're a collector of African art, an elephant enthusiast, or simply looking for a unique home decor item, this vintage hand-carved black hardwood charging elephant figurine/statue is a must-have. It is sure to be a conversation starter and a cherished piece for years to come.